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I spent my college years in Cincinnati and Madrid. It seemed back then (pre-Internet) that people gathered in coffee shops to debate and converse. The coffee houses were generally equipped with dusty tomes upon stands (usually huge dictionaries or other reference books), globes, chess sets and even ricketty old pianos (I remember one painted dark green and having yellowed keys), antique, crooked wooden floors, ceramic tiled ceilings, stained glass windows, fireplaces… you get the idea. Lots of atmosphere and a sense of past. There was always a dizzying array of hot beverages – doubly appreciated on those icy winter nights.

To this day I cannot sit and watch TV. I have to be engaged in something a bit more active. I LOVE the Internet, but miss that connection with others that was to be found in those weathered places.

I started this forum/blog in the hopes that some of the very interesting people I have met on my musical journey might meet each other and hopefully find kindred spirits. This is your place to discuss, opine, dream and wonder aloud.


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  1. What a wonderful idea, and thank you for doing this. There are coffee shops like you described near Syracuse University, and some around Oswego. They are places where being old is accepted among a typically younger crowd. Though they do make you feel your age with “what was it like when ( insert event or fad here)” questions.


  2. Hello,

    I like this idea and I hope we can “meet” people here from all over the world. I know for sure that your music is beloved for such many people, including myself.
    And music makes friends.

  3. Hi,

    This is a great idea, As much as the idea is to have a unique meeting place and sharing of views, I would like to hear about how 2002’s music has affected you…the reason I say this is because of the tremendous impact I have felt from Randy and Pamela’s works.

    Michael, I hear you about the age thing…just enjoy spreading the wisdom we have from experience and watching the kids marvel at what we have done. Old Quote…”A man is not old until his regrets take the place of dreams”.


  4. I love that quote Willy!
    When I was 23 years old, a group of first-graders asked me how old I was. I said “How old do you think I am?” To which they replied, “You must be at least 12.” When I told them I was 23, you should have seen the looks on their faces. They couldn’t conceive of such an advanced age.
    I think perception of age is relative. I remember my 105 year old uncle telling his 83 year old daughter he wouldn’t wear his hearing aid because “those are for old people.” Perhaps he lived to such an advanced age because of his perception of age.

  5. Great idea and site Pamela,..
    I have been wondering what you and Randy have been up to…This is a great way to keep the 2002 nation updated and meet new people….I have been listening to cd this moment now all week

    Hey maybe we can schedule a virtual video meeting for the 2002 nation on this website using embed code link from http://www.ustream.tv. only the host needs a webcam..the rest can watch and chime in on chat..you could put on a internet concert ..now that would be cool…do you take requests! …..thanks…ive saved this site on my favs..

  6. Hi Todd
    We’ve actually been talking about that. We’ve got several ideas for it. Maybe start an internet radio station with a weekly live portion where we can take calls (via Skye??) and meet and talk to everyone? The rest of the time it could play music. Also, we are working on a new DVD that’s a bit of a departure from (though still true to) our familiar sound. Maybe it would be interesting to have a video blog in our recording studio where people can watch the project unfold? I wish there were more hours in the day!

  7. Congrats on the new blog. I keep one myself. It’s been cathartic and at times, life affirming. The people you meet, the new and different concepts you entertain.–it’s all been quite eye opening for me.

    Love your music. Always have….always will.

    It plays to my soul.


  8. Hi Pamela,

    I looked into “Second Life” and it’s pretty fascinating…a bit pricey but then again enticing. The idea of live virtual music performances is really interesting but I think all of us that enjoy your music so much would really enjoy watching you guys create…to me watching you develop and record new music would be a real treat! I have a feeling that as hard as you work to get the cuts right, there’s a level of enjoyment that would be great for the group to see and feel.

    By the way, putting the age thing to rest now, there’s another quote by Franklin that I think hits it on the nose… “Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young.” See what you started Michael!!

    All kidding aside, I look forward to the development of this blog as I believe it will become a great think tank and will create many interesting things…candy for the eyes and the mind.

    Hey Laurie, you said it like I’m sure most of us here feel…2002 plays to oure souls!

  9. What a great idea….. I am not computer literate to know what all is available out there to use. But the dream I have had for years is to see both Pam and Randy working in their studio, to make the sounds that send me to all those marvelous places that I visit when their music is playing.

    I am a Barbershop fanatic, and all of 2002’s music surpasses the acapella high I get while singing or listening to BBS. It has got to sound the same in Heaven with all those angels singing. I’ll let you know , if I go first.

    Now I will anxiously await the new cd…..

  10. Hi June
    Welcome aboard! I absolutely love barbershop quartets too. I’m also a big BB King fan and had the pleasure of seeing him perform in an intimate venue in Houston many years ago. There are many genres of music that I enjoy. Pretty much, I like any music that is created with true heart and skill.

    Thanks for joining us in our coffee shop!

    Hi Willy
    Here is an interesting article about that. It’s called “Playing Concerts in Second Life” and was in this month’s Electronic Musician magazine.

  11. β€œThose who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young.” See what you started Michael!!

    What a great end to that point. πŸ˜‰

    I was trying to watch the Eckhart Tolle web cast last night. It seems there were over half a million people watching and it was bogged down to the point many ( including me ) missed it. The reason I mention it is because of the ‘music plays to our souls’ comment. I think music that you enjoy takes you inside yourself and you are able to stop thinking about it..like Tolle describes about looking at things. So, if you are able to find that place, the place of silence between your thoughts, it is a wonderful thing. People meditate, tai-chi, yoga, all looking for it, but it is given to us freely in the music. All we have to do is listen. Even if it is dance music, and you dance, you don’t think about it, do you?

    Music, especially yours, was such a major part of a change in me that I take it with me everywhere ( thank heavens for ipods). I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


  12. Hi Dusty
    Welcome to our shop. I think that’s a great quote. Maybe you are its author!
    We’re serving hot cocoa today in honor of the snowfall last night. It’s a RARE sight in the Dallas area so we’re going to go play in it since it will certainly be gone by noon.

  13. You had snow, and we saw 60 degrees and sun all day….now tonight more snow after the freezing rain…so, I brought a glass of tea to celebrate your snow. ;-). What a relief from the cold winter…just one bright sunny warm day and what a difference.

    If you run out of it and want some more I will have it sent to you…it is about 4 feet deep now, down from about 5 last week. On the plus side, it is pretty..

  14. Great idea! I often wonder if Pamela and Randy are working on a new project. This forum will keep me engaged and up to date. I love the music and listen to it constantly. For those who don’t have a good sound system, the Bose “Wave Player” puts out an amazing quality of sound for an affordable price (no I don’t work for Bose). I put one of 2002’s CD’s in and turn the volume up to about 75 and you think you are there with them! I turn it up even louder when no one is in the house with me.

  15. I am an artist and listen to 2002 music when constructing a piece of sculpture, painting or working with clay. Somehow your music triggers me into the right brain making it possible to tune any distracting thoughts that interfere with my creative process. Magical!

  16. I have just seen the Bose “Wave Player” and it looks great. I have Bose boxen together with my computer, and Bose have an amazing quality of sound. I think also that the way Pamela and Randy makes their music and how that is recorded is high quality. IMHO many musicians can learn from them. Even on iPods is the quality of their music of a huge quality. Forgive me when I not always good write what I’m want to write πŸ™‚ Dutch hΓ¨. Point is I love the music and I’m a happy person to be the owner of all of the CD’s. Thank you Pamela and Randy for your great music.

  17. Dear friends,

    In my opinion , 2002 plays music to GOD …. Ifeel very confortable listen than .
    I already say it to than .

    All my best to all of you .
    Pedro – Brazil

  18. I love your music. Each album is a great materpiece. I hope someday you guys do a concert on tv or one that’s on a dvd (the Stargaze and Deep Still Blue) are just magical. Cannot wait untill the next album comes out, the best music out there.


  19. Thanks for your blog. You two are the BEST! I’ve collected all your CDs except Savitri which is arguably my favorite (but I change from day to day). Someone called your music Enya lite but I say can’t compare with your beautiful music.


  20. I love your music. Its a very relaxing sound that is needed in this crazy world we live in. Keep up the good work.

  21. I have for some years now been listening to your music and just enjoy it so much. Thank you!

    I look forward to your new release.

  22. What do you read ?

    I am curious about the reading material of people that listen to this music. I know from my experience the people I have introduced to it that like it read Tolle, Dyer, Hay. In the area of fiction, they tend to like Sparks, and Bach. Is it a common thread?

    I have just started reading “The Pillars of the Earth” after finishing “Love in the Time of Cholera.” I know it is a great book, but I struggled with a lot of it, and maybe it was just over my head. Anyone else read it?


  23. Hi Michael
    These day I mostly read technical manuals. But I really liked “A Soprano on Her Head: Right-Side-Up Reflections on Life and Other Performances” by Eloise Ristad.
    Let’s start a new book thread. I’ll work on a post. This would be very interesting.

  24. I’m glad 2002 started this blog!! I am a writer/poet. Well, at least I’m aspiring to be a writer /poet. When I write, my enviorment must be complete and in perfect condition. Part of that is putting on one the many CD’s I have of 2002. Your music and vision provide me with the perfect setting. I’m lost without you guys!!

    Sean Robert

  25. What a great idea to start this blog, thank you very much Pamela & Randy. I’m still flying your flag down under and heavily recommending your music to absolutely anyone who is looking for relaxation music. I agree with your comments re TV at the start of this post. I cannot join in the conversation when people ask me “Did you watch such&such last night?” or “Have you seen this great new ad on TV?” But if they asked me what’s happening in the world of new age music I could give them a detailed answer!

    I’ve never lost my awe for musicians as to me that is pouring out your heart and your passion and revealing it all to the public. Clearly there is a lot of work involved and believe me, every note, every harmony, even the most subtle of little instruments you insert are heard, and appreciated. You have a truly unique and greatly appreciated sound. Thanks for talking to us, too and for welcoming our feedback. I think it really helps to know how much people are listening to your music, it helps to re-inspire you.

    Many thanks and always looking forward to hearing of more projects from you.

    Susan McKenzie

  26. Thanks so much Susan! Welcome to our coffee shop.

    And just like you I haven’t any idea what’s going on in the land of television. (Actually I have seen a few episodes of The Wiggles and The Wonder Pets with my 4-year-old daughter. Does that count?) lol

  27. That doesn’t count, you’re not actively watching TV or aimlessly channel surfing… lol!

    I didn’t realise you had a daughter! Very sneaky, wasn’t mentioned anywhere in your bio πŸ™‚ What is her name? πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your comments, it will be a pleasure to visit this blog recently and find out you’re up to.

  28. Ah, another Aussie devotee of 2002 exists! Hi, Susan!

    I, too, find daily relaxtion, inspiration or just plain enjoyment from listening to 2002’s music. A public thanks to you, Pamela and Randy, for your creativity and painstaking efforts which produce such musical bliss.

    I am a foundation member in Australia of a new group for men seeking to discover more spirituality in their lives, and guess whose CD is going to be the welcoming background to our first meeting? The only problem I am having is deciding which one!

  29. Thanks Susan
    Her name is Sarah. There is a short video clip of her on the DVD for “Deep Still Blue” in the artist interview section. She sings all day long. She makes up songs and truly sings on pitch. She says she is a “sing-writer.”

    Hi Brian
    Welcome to our forum/blog!! Thank you for your kind words.

  30. Wow…It’s good to know that there are actually people out there who don’t need T.V. to survivie. Other than news, I rarely watch any television. I love to read, write, and listen to music. Unfortunatley here in Dallas, TX,our only New Age station is no more. So when I’m not listening to cd’s, the only other recouse for me is XM radio.

    Sadly, being a person who doesn’t watch alot of T.V. is sometimes viewed in a negative way. I too hear the conversations of “Did you watch ‘Lost’ last night?” or “What did you think of this show or that show?” I tend to be left out of a lot of conversations. Some people here tend to think that people who don’t do the “normal” routine are viewed as arogant or eletist. I was told that once but not sure how that cames about. I think people have a tendency to label others a little too quickly. The people I know, (mostly writers) are quite humble, yet very compassionate people. Being creative shouldn’t be a curse or a sterotype. Having an imagination sholdn’t be viewed as childish. In fact I suspect that if most adults would approach life in a more childlike fashion, this would be a better place.

    I’m sorry…I’m rambling. πŸ™‚

    Sean Robert

  31. I’m very good at rambling πŸ™‚ It’s a warmish day here Down Under so I’m ordering some iced chocolate πŸ™‚

    Hi Brian! Oh, I’m a big 2002 fan, I used to say nothing would come close to Enya but I’ve since eaten those words… lol. Where I am not many people had heard of 2002 but I began quickly changing that once I began working in a new age shop. I was very lucky, my friend was my boss and our music collection wasn’t all that extensive initially. I asked one day if I would be able to order a few CDs for the shop? Donna said yes, and I immediately pulled out the order form and the very, very first CD I myself ordered for the shop was “River of Stars”. Needless to say, when it arrived, and was put on the stereo, it sold within days. It continued to be a regular pattern during the 2 1/2 years we were open. This might sound counter-productive, but on my days off, I used to hide the 2002 CDs … the CD covers always looked so good that sometimes people used to buy them anyway and I would come in next and look for a 2002 CD to play and gasp! – it had sold! I much preferred it if it sold when I was working and could talk to the customers about it. One day I had “hidden” ‘The Emerald Way’ behind some other CDs and a customer came to the counter with it. She exclaimed, “I have been looking EVERYWHERE for this CD, no one carries their CDs!” I said smugly, “I know, I never found them anywhere till I began working here, then I ordered them in!”

    I greatly enjoyed seeing people’s reactions when they would wander in the shop and hear your music and within minutes say, “I’ll have the CD that’s playing, thank you.” It wasn’t at all surprising to me when we did stocktake for that first year and guess which artist topped the list for highest selling CDs??? 2002.

    What was everyone’s first 2002 CD? Mine was “River of Stars”. I saw an ad for it in a paper one day and the name just caught my eye. I wandered into my local new age shop and looked for it. I did find it and asked for the lady behind the counter to put it on the stereo. Within a few minutes I knew I loved the album. I had to go to a doctor’s appointment so I told the lady behind the counter that I had to rush but I would definitely be back to buy the CD. I faithfully returned and when the lady saw me, she exclaimed, “I could have sold that CD 3 times by now!” – it was only an hour since I’d left. I had told her I would be back and not to sell it, I’m glad she listened!

    Brian, as for which CD to start off with for your group? That’s a hard one isn’t it??? I think I’d pick “The Emerald Way”. πŸ™‚ I remember one time I had that on in my shop and a family came in. Now, I have to admit normally it’s women who will buy 2002, but in this instance, when wife and children were milling around chatting, it was the husband who said, “Shush, I’m listening to this CD”. It had reached the third track, “Remember Now” and I always get goosebumps listening to that track, especially when it moves from vocals to instrumentals. I don’t think they bought the CD, but it was just interesting that the father was the one who was moved by the CD and picked up the cover off the “Now Playing” stand.

    Pamela, thanks for telling me about Sarah :). How sweet. I have heard “Deep Still Blue” but I’m not sure how to get hold of it in Australia. The supplier who originally was going to distribute it here in Australia said they didn’t have the rights for that CD, and I have to chase up which supplier has the rights to distribute it. You may remember I emailed you some time back as your earlier albums prior to “River of Stars” weren’t available (perhaps still aren’t to my knowledge) here in Australia. I have since obtained them thanks to my overseas friends. If I can’t find who is distributing “Deep Still Blue” here in Australia I may order it direct from the internet.

  32. Susan,

    “Land of Forever” was my first 2002 cd. The magic, that I hinted at in another post was that no one in the house knows how it got here. I found it with my relaxation cds when I was transferring everything to itunes when I got my ipod. It had never been opened, and there was no store label on it or anything with a bar code. To this day I don’t know how I came by it, but I stopped asking when I just ‘let it be’. It is what it is, and I now have them all.

    Everyone I have introduced to the music has just had to have it. It is magical; that is the only word that fits. Brian, just me, but I think Land of Forever is the best one to start your group off with. Maybe it is just my favorite because it was my first. πŸ˜‰

    They now play 2002’s cds in the waiting room of the center where I went…everyone likes it. Not like anything else they used to play where there was at least one person a day that did not like whatever was playing.

  33. I really love “Land of Forever”, that is a very magical and relaxing, mystical album. I only received that one last year (it’s one of the 2002 CDs which are unavailable in Australia, so Brian, if you want that one you’ll have to order it online) and I just instantly fell in love with it. There’s always one track in particular which I really fall in love with on every album and on that one it is “Falling Through Time”. The whole album is very mellow and quiet, yes, that too would be a good one to start off with!

  34. Hi Pamela or Mrs. Copus, whichever you prefer here. I’m glad you started this blog. It’s nice to be able to just see what you have to say about things, and equally, you can see our thoughts about it.


  35. Hi Susan,

    I’m a little late responding to you question so I hope you guys still can see or read this.

    My first CD was River of Stars as well. I’m a huge fan of New Age and Modern Jazz but I was getting burned out on Yanni, Level 42, Najee, and, (I hate to say it) George Winston. Don’t get me wrong, they are all great perfmorers and I still hold them in high regard but I was getting tired of purchasing a new CD which had nothing more than the same old songs on it, (Yanni). So I went to Borders books and noticed the 2002 CD. I listened for a few minutes and was hooked. Listeing to 2002 propelled me in a new direction. Soon, I was listening to David Arkenstone, Hearts of Space, Hillary Stagg, Bill Douglas, Enya, and a whole host of others. I noticed I deviated away from artist like Kirk Wahlum, Najee, Kenny G, David Sanborn.

    Uh-oh….I’m rambling again. 2002 hooked me on River of Stars and I’ve been riding along ever since.

    Sean Robert

  36. Hi Sean Robert!
    Welcome aboard. And thanks for the very nice comments. And we LIKE rambling here. Most of us do it.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the video too. We are planning 10 videos for our next release. (No more sleeping for me for a while…)

  37. 10 videos! Staggering. You guys are very keen. Don’t spill the beans if you can’t about your next release (hint hint!!) But if you can…Lol

    Here’s another question…when the music comes through, do you fit the theme around the music or does the theme come with it?

    How do you ‘find’ the themes? for instance, I remember the story of Icarus, but where did you find the story for that and also the Irish legends for “Land of Forever”?

  38. Hi, my name is Diane and I am a 2002holic! I was introduced to this lovely music when I was in massage school. I made all my clients, classmates and friends listen. Then I got sick. I had a spinal tumor and a rare form of bone cancer called chordoma (but my doctor was treating me for mild arthritis for several months). Once you have cancer, it is very important to manage stress and I found a few ways to do so – which included listening to 2002!! Ironically, that was the year I got sick, I think life has a sense of humor. But chordoma is very rare and so today I thought perhaps I should say 2002 was my year to win the lottery! I have those one in a million odds!!

    I try to be positive and I believe our minds are truly powerful and that thought combined with emotion can create a powerful life. I am slowly rebuilding my life after a rough six years (3 major surgeries, lost my Dad to cancer, his funeral was on my birthday, lost my job, had many deaths in family, friends and both my dogs). Things are hard right now and I am fighting for disability benefits. I have lost every thing I had and I have a lot of thoughts – like people would normally say to me now – well at least you have your health! But I try to at least have a sense of humor and I try to help other people as much as i can. I was a primary caretaker of my Granny from the age of four but I find when I can help someone, it always make me feel better. I have also learned that no matter how hard something is for me that it is important to keep things in perspective. When I lost the use of my legs from the paralysis of the tumor, I was thankful to still have legs and I worked hard until they started working again. I learned to walk again and am a medical miracle. I know the soothingly beautiful music of 2002 helped me focus on that goal of healing. So now I continue working on my health and am looking at the emotional healing from all these things that have happened, as well as healing other parts of my life. I love making friends and I live in Cincinnati!!! Small world!!! Hugs to all, Diane

  39. Hi Susan
    It’s nice to hear from you! Themes… well usually themes and music evolve together. The music occurs like a film score so to speak. Interestingly, “Wings” was partially inspired by a lovely children’s book by Jane Yolen “Wings” http://www.rambles.net/yolen_wings.html. But much more went into that as well. I’ve always been a huge fan of myths and literature and an avid reader of such since I was a small child. I’ll write a Wings post soon. There are amazing stories around that one.

  40. Hi Diane
    And welcome to our cafΓ©! I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Cincinnati. I remember those cold winters that drove us all indoors where wonderful debates and brainstorming sessions could take place. I miss playing darts over a couple of pints or a hot Irish coffee (yum!) Not to mention a chess game which would often go on into the wee hours as the embers faded and glowed in the fireplace… (oops, wasn’t my term paper due in the morning?)

    Your optimism and courage are an inspiration. You must be an amazingly strong person. My lovely sister-in-law has faced down cancer three times in about 15 years and won every time. She is also the fabulous photographer of “Deep Still Blue”. We haven’t divulged that before. She has used her deep sea diving and underwater photography as part of her therapy. And I can assure you that you probably won’t find a more optimistic and humorous person anywhere. I think that’s why she keeps winning. I admire her and you. Welcome to our internet family. We’re a funny and eclectic bunch and we certainly have fun.

  41. Thanks Pamela!

    I’d noticed that the music was a little like soundtracks from time to time. As I’d mentioned previously, I have an ability to “see” in my mind what you’re conveying with my music. It’s very easy for me. Today, for instance, while I was listening to Savitri I could really see in my mind’s eye the scenes as Savitri was passing while in the woods. Very sad and dramatic, that track! Also, being a lover of the ocean, the tracks you’ve both composed speak very eloquently of the fact that when I listen to them, I truly do find it transports me to the ocean, especially with the track “The Sea at Night” – that conjures up images of the way the sea is at night under a full moon. And “The River’s Journey”? – well, I could lay a bet that that rich scaling of the piano at the end is meant to indicate that the river has reached a waterfall. It’s certainly what it sounds like to me.

    Pamela, many thanks for the information regarding who handles “Deep Still Blue” in Australia. I have passed on the names to my friend, who I worked with in a new age shop, she has her own stall at some markets. Neither she nor I had heard of the names you gave me, but she is going to investigate further for me. Do hope we can find a supplier for Deep Still Blue in Australia so I can see the beautiful photography in it you mention.

  42. It’s been awhile since I have visited….. so many things going on in my life. I love hearing from others how the first heard 2002, which CD… I have to admit, I saw Chrysalis in the shop and loved the picture…. bought it and went back and got Savitri and Wings. Of course, I have not missed a one since then….. and as much as I love every single thing they do…. One song haunts me, everytime I hear it….. and it is still my favorite…. “Magic Flower” from Chrysalis. It is such a simple melody. I have 1995 written on one of my CD holders, but I just had to replace Chrysalis, so I don’t remember what date I had on that one. I guess it doesn’t matter, I will be here forever…..
    I do so love the video….. Thanks for making it complete and waiting for the next one.

  43. I’ll have to re-listen to “Magic Flower” to identify with you πŸ™‚ I found that the one that really tugged at me on that album was “Cocoon”. It was so beautiful, sad and haunting that sometimes it could make me burst into tears, other times it would uplift me during meditation. Somehow that track reminds me of the twinkling lights and darkness of the scene from “Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring” when they are about to meet Galadriel.

    I think I’d be really hard pushed to ask which 2002 track is my absolute favourite. I have lots, there’s always one from each album. Some, I just instantly fell in love with, such as “The Sea at Night”.

    I was listening to “This Moment Now” as I was having a warm bath last night and again I couldn’t help think that those last 2 tracks are so moving. “Bliss” seems so freeform, without a beat, yet so simplistic and magical with just that piano score and the flute softly coming in. It seems to eloquently convey the magic of 2 lovers being reunited after a long absence apart. Those last 2 tracks on that album are very good to meditate to as well, I’ve found.

  44. Let’s face it, everything they do lifts me into another world…. Their music plays in my car continuously, and I have converted so many people, when I make my Angel Flight Runs….. everyone ask, “who is playing that music”….. I sometimes even hand out cards with their website on it. I am now so anxious for their next one….. just waiting for a little taste of “something different”, as Pam says.
    I did play their music in my clinic, while patients were receiving their therapy treatment…. converted a number of them also. And I didn’t have to work as hard to get them to relax.

  45. Greetings! I am Elizabeth and I live in Little Elm Texas. I have just been introduced to the blog by Pamela after recently discovering 2002 via my Pandora internet radio station. All I can say is WOW. The music speaks to me so very deeply and I AM blessed. I am looking forward to joining in the conversation!
    Like you, Pamela, I do not watch TV so music and the internet are my preferred entertainment a good percentage of the time. I do lots of other things as well. One thing I have noticed is that society as a whole, had stepped away from interpersonal relationships and casual gatherings by friends. I believe there is a shift as more and more like minded souls feel the need to connect in oneness with all so your blog is an excellent idea! On Monday night, I led a discussion group following the showing of “The Moses Code” at Unity in Dallas. Thirty people stayed behind to discuss the movie and I have to tell you it was amazing to feel the energy of everyone connecting. Your music has the same effect as we can all feel the love.

  46. Hi Elizabeth
    Welcome! Here it is April 13 in the Dallas area and it will be 37 degrees tonight. Sounds like hot chocolate to me. It’s been unusually cool this year. We have baby bunnies hopping all over the place. I hope their mamas tuck them in well tonight! We tend to ramble around here so feel free to scan rather than read.

    Oops, I hear a small voice from the other room. Gotta go! I hope everyone is doing well.

  47. Here come another few questions when the time allows you to answer them… πŸ™‚ A thought popped into my mind about your music & your themes a few weeks back. Have you ever considered doing an album around the story of Atlantis? It would be interesting to hear your musical interpretation on that.

    Your discussion of your instruments has proved incredibly insightful & fascinating, and I have another regarding that. I thought I could pick up which tracks had the harp in it, but now I’m wondering, after reading Randy’s story about the guitar, whether I might have been incorrectly ascribing the harp when it should be the guitar. For instance, in the opening track of “Across an Ocean of Dreams”, is the plucking instrument used in that first track, “The Ocean Dreams” – is that the harp, or is it the guitar with synths or something? Because when I listen to the next track on the album, I think, well, that definitely sounds like a harp. In that case, the question then applies to “Stella Maris”, in River of Stars, I thought that plucking instrument was the harp too.

  48. I like Susan’s thought about your musical interpretation of the story of Atlantis. Just the thought made sent chills of excitement through me.
    As for the baby bunnies, yes, I have been seeing them everywhere too. They are soooooo cute! It is another chilly day in the Dallas area and I am ok with that for all too soon it gets hot here. I have had a hard time adjusting to the Texas heat after living in Chicago.
    Where is everyone from?

  49. Hi Elizabeth
    I’ll have to look into the Atlantis idea. It’s a funny coincidence, but Randy’s mom is working on a book around that theme.

    Baby bunny disaster today. We have a mother rabbit who, although “wild” is rather friendly and has her babies about 3 feet from our back door. We have enjoyed watching her nurse them and raise them. Her second litter was born 12 days ago (I was actually able to video it). Last night a cat murdered one and scattered the others. Randy interrupted the massacre. I gathered two survivors and put them in a small box next to the ruined bunny hole. We put a dishcloth in the box. I went up to the mama several times and tried to herd her toward the babies but she wouldn’t go. She is not afraid of me – never has been. And I can get to within a foot of her before she will inch away from me. She never runs away from me. But she would not go to her babies. I know they must be frightened and it’s so rainy and cold today! And it will be 44 degrees tonight.

    I’m also afraid the cat will come back. After web research, I rebuilt the bunnyhole and put the two back in it. She will most likely come to them this evening at the regular nursing time and relocate them. Apparently wild bunnies only nurse once or twice a day! We bought a feral cat trap today and set it nearby. Miss kitty will need to find a new home. This is bunnyland! Always has been. Here is a photo of bunny’s first litter this year: http://www.2002music.com/images/bunnies2_March2008.jpg
    and here is a great web site about caring for wild bunnies:

  50. Update!
    Mama bunny came this evening at about 8:30 and nursed her two surviving babies. She spent a great deal of time rebuilding her nest and it is now almost invisible. Good job mama! We are now watching the feral kitty trap. Poor cat will most likely get caught by coyotes if we don’t get her first and find her a home. That’s what usually goes on out here.

    Here is a photo of Sarah holding one from an earlier litter (a couple of years ago). http://www.2002music.com/images/Sarah_bunny2.jpeg
    They’ve always been really tame with us. I don’t know why! I was even cleaning the koi pond the other day and the mama bunny hopped right up to me, sniffed the air and settled down right next to me to graze.

  51. I would say that the momma bunny KNOWS and FEELS your loving kind energy. I think it is so incredibly sweet that you did the research to rebuild her bunny hole and that you bought a feral cat trap, not only for the sake of the bunnies but for the cat too. I know in my neighborhood it could be coyotes, bobcats or huge owls that would pose a threat for the cat. I am delighted that the momma came back and that she has great advocates in you, Randy, and Sarah. πŸ™‚ Love the photo’s!
    Oooh! There are no such things as coincidences! What would happen if you combined the two…music to go with the book…or a book to go with the music? Gotta love the kid in me!

  52. What a lovely picture of Sarah with the bunny, it was so cute! Am very glad that all is well in Bunnyland and that Mummy bunny returned to baby bunnies! It’s very upsetting when pets aren’t controlled properly. I am a cat lover but I am very adamant that cats need to be properly controlled – in Australia we have several measures for this to protect native wildlife (bunnies not being the problem in my area). For that matter, it’s not just cats, where I live there is a property nearby where a dog is allowed to run loose, chasing the wading birds, herons and seagulls which are feeding on the banks of the river my unit overlooks. That makes me really annoyed.

    Well, I do hope that the Atlantis idea crystallises, but that’s not pressure, it was just a thought…:) What is the name of the book that Randy’s mother is writing? I’m very interested in books on Atlantis and the whole story and idea.

  53. Hi all, I have had some not so good days healthwise (I am sure a lot from too much stress) but feeling somewhat better tonight so I thought I would stop by and sip a little coffee with you!!

    I was so sorry to hear about the bunny problem but am happy the saved babies and Mom are reunited. We have a bunny family which builds a nest in the ground up against the house every year. We put a fence around that area – just a tiny one you can buy at the garden center to keep the dogs out but we’ve lost our dogs now (I miss them). I saw a small bunny alone in the neighbor’s yard yesterday and I have adopted a small cardinal (red birds are the state bird for Ohio). He is so beautiful and he flies to a branch on a tree near the kitchen and chirps his little heart out until I come to the window, where I chirp back. He has a new little girlfriend. And his best friend is a beautiful blue jay! There are blossoms on our apple trees. The trees were planted I think in 1984 or so and we’ve never used the apples but one of our neighbors will occasionally make everyone pies and the deer from Mt. Airy Forest (behind us) come up and munch on the apples.

    It was funny during the last big snow (a blizzard) this year, there were several deer that came up to check on the apple trees. It’s like they are farmers!

    I too love Cincinnati Pamela! I really enjoy the dramatic change of seasons but the winters are getting difficult for me after all the surgeries! I’m still fighting for disability rights and in a better place now. You wouldn’t believe what I have been through. But it sure makes me miss my work and has me thinking I’ve come this far with my health issues, just maybe I can be independent again one day.

    I didn’t know your sister-in-law did the beautiful covers for the CDs! How wonderful! She sounds incredible. It is important to have something important to keep us going. I’ve been trying to help several cancer patients (maybe to reclaim a little personal power lost) and it has been rewarding, what I have been able to do. I kind of served as a cancer coach to a guy my age from Missouri who was diagnosed with Chordoma last December and had his surgery here in Cincinnati this past February. He is coming to town this weekend (he has a follow up appointment with the surgeon Monday) and we are going to get together for dinner Sunday.

    My high school just had a 30 year reunion and I had to miss it BUT I’ve gotten a lot of email messages from old classmates and we are now thinking we might just schedule some activities and start getting toegether several times a year and be closer. I decided for 2008, I wanted to make new friends and have better friendship. After I got sick, I am not sure I was able to be such a good friend for a while.

    Pamela, have you ever heard of the Universal Light Expo which is held in October every year in Columbus? They bring in a lot of well known people (authors, musicians, lectures, astrologers, tarot readers, psychics, healers, etc.). It is always a lot of fun. They even have Tibettan Monks who work on a beautiful sand mandala during the weekend and then ceremonial walk it to the river and dump the sand into the water. They have drumming ceremonies and crystal bowls though I have to admit I can only usually take so much of those two things. I know the organizers, wonderful people.

    Did I share that the local TV news recently did my story of chordoma? I am working now to get a little more media attention to see if I can help improve the condition of our disability program. I would have never thought it was so hard or took so long. But some days it feels like my life is too much about cancer and disability so I would like to use this space to just talk and listen and make friends! I will try to get out here at least once a week to talk. Next time I am going to finish reading through all the previous messages! Well it is time to listen to my new 2002 CD. I LOVE IT!!! Like others here, I have turned so many other people on to this beautiful music. I have to say that Steve Halpern’s Crystal Suite USED to be my favorite and then I started massage school and showed up in the clinic without music and someone loaned me this CD (River of Stars) that just took me and my client to another place during the massage session. I have been hooked ever since. I miss doing massage but I am glad I did that when I was able. I know things happen for a reason and as someone wise said it is not the problems in life that matter but how we handle them. Big cyber hugs to all! Diane

  54. Hi Susan
    I don’t know the name of the book. I think it’s top secret! Shhh…

    Hi Diane
    Oooh I love Mount Airy. What a beautiful place. We have some cardinals here too for the first time (we’ve been here for 7 years now). I think the berries on the Burford Hollies finally attracted their attention.

    BTW, my sister-in-law did not do any of the CD covers. She is the undersea photographer for the videos on the bonus DVD of Deep Still Blue.

    I have heard of the Universal Light Expo but have not been. I usually make it home to Kentucky once a year, but rarely up to Ohio anymore.

    I’m glad you are doing better.

    We lost one of the baby bunnies – I think he got too cold. There were no marks on his little body. It dipped into the thirties that night, even though this is late April in Texas… (global WARMING???). But his sibling is doing great and is very fat and happy. Mama bunny still visits often. She’s really pretty.

  55. Hi Pam and Randy,

    Pam, thanks for letting me know about your blog! You guys know that I’ve been a fan for a long, long time, since my dad gave me River of Stars. For anyone reading this who might be expecting, it’s THE BEST music to take into labor and delivery with you! Even my nurses commented on how wonderful it was.

    I never get to read anymore, with a 7 and 2 1/2 year old 😦 but my favorite books are the Conversations with God series. I’m feeling the need to get back in touch with my higher self with 2012 approaching. It’s hard to do that here in the metro DC area!!!

    We’ll have to meet up one of these days; we’re coming down to AR next month, but I don’t think it’s close enough…unless of course, you’ll be there for some weird reason too πŸ™‚

    Love and hugs; thanks again for the heads-up on this blog!

  56. Hi Pamela,

    I have been occupied for some time getting the Dancer ready to splash…..which we did YESTERDAY !!! Yes,.,., wet again at last. What a long winter it was ( still seems to be as it is near freezing last night and tonight.

    Got my foot caught in the process. I think she was upset that I waited the two weeks beyond intended splash day. Saw doctor today, nothing broken just stove up and swollen for a while…and hurts like the devil.

    I was so sorry to hear about the bunnies. That is a tough one. None of them would have made it if not for you guys. Will she have another litter this year? How neat, to fix up the bunny hole for her. Great pictures by the way. WE have an osprey nest across the road on the top of the high power lines. The coyotes are out in force, and the deer are in the yard in the morning and evening. I think we ought to start seeing fawns pretty soon.

    The Dale Lama was here week before last, and I had hoped to be able to go, but didn’t work out. Maybe the opportunity will come again.

    Helen, wow…labor and delivery,too, huh? I have NEVER taken the music anywhere that it did not cause excitement and win some converts. The last was with my operation. I have to have it playing through the whole thing. If the person putting me out doesn’t think I can hear anything, I have to get someone that says they don’t KNOW what you hear when you are asleep. I have my ipod, and they tape my earbuds in. It is the last thing I hear before, and the first thing I hear coming out of it. It helps me in so many ways. It is magical, and I know there IS somthing about it that touches you in ways other music does not. I don’t know what it is…I just say it is magic. No matter what you call it, there is something special about it.

    So, Pamela, I do enjoy the forum and I apologize for being a stranger. Hope you are all well.

  57. Speaking of the Dalai Lama, there is a new movie circulating in spiritual circles named ” The Dalai Lama Renaissance” and it is narrated by Harrison Ford. I am a co-host for Spiritual Cinema at Unity in Dallas and we viewed the movie last Friday night. You might want to see if anyone is having showings in your area if it is of interest to you. It was very interesting to watch how people grew within themselves as well as with community during the course of the movie.

  58. That just showed up on its own. I investigated it afterwards and found I could switch them to cute little cartoon looking aliens. Guess I’ll leave the patterns on unless everyone wants the cute aliens?

    I am about to launch a real forum this week. It will be easier for everyone to chat back and forth and it will be hosted on our own web site. Stay tuned!

  59. I have missed being on here for the past few weeks. Things got very hectic in a big hurry.

    My 17 year old got into a car wreck and completely destroyed her car. There were three other teens with her, but they were not being stupid and all had their seatbelts on.

    Just wanted to say Hello and I hope things are settling down now and I can get back to doing some other things. Today I took Wind Dancer for a sail !!!

    Will add some more soon.


  60. Hi Michael

    How frightening! Thank goodness she’s ok. Cars are replaceable. Rachel is not. She’s a smart young lady to wear her seatbelt.

    We’ll be looking for updated Wind Dancer photos/videos over at the forum! Do you ever sail at night?

  61. Randy and Pamela 2002,

    Although I am new to the idea of forums, at least on-line, I know that being in touch with others who share in the connection of contentment and enlightenment would be positive. I belieave your music empowers people to place their external concerns into weightlessness while they live in a world so heavy with other things

  62. I first discovered 2002 on Dish Network channel AudioVisions and just loved every second of this music.
    This group knows how to create a musically deep inner journey that brings a drifting sensation and is timeless.
    OK, so that sounds very New Age-ish, but it is true. I think everyone should take this audio journey with 2002 because the music is great for escaping those days when you wish you had just slept in…

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