Deep Still Blue (New Video)

Hi Everyone!

I finally finished that music video for “Deep Still Blue.” (whew!) I have it on vimeo for now. I hope you’ll check it out! (BTW, it displays larger at vimeo’s web site

The video features performance footage of the band (2002) as well as conceptual imagery. The video was created in widescreen anamorphic and then converted for the web. The song’s lyrics are from the perspective of a small child:

Deep Still Blue (lyrics)
From Sarah, to Mommy and Daddy:

Will you stay with me
Here inside my room
When the sunlight comes
We can fly away

Into the deep still blue
Under the ocean sky
Into the deep still, deep still blue

Safe inside my dreams
Where the angels play
When the morning comes
We will fly away

Into the deep still blue
Under the ocean sky
Into the deep still, deep still blue

25 thoughts on “Deep Still Blue (New Video)”

  1. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is absolutely amazing. What a fantastic piece. Thank you so very much. This is such a beautiful gift; it reaches into one’s heart and just makes the world seem so beautiful. It whispers of peace and love and caring and understanding and everything that is good.


  2. This is soooooo beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us, you are really the best. I have not the good words for this, everybody must see this and feel the beauty. Again thank you for sharing.

  3. What a beautiful gift from little Sarah to the world and beyond. The imagery and soothing instrumentals are breathtaking and brought tears to my eyes. I will forward this to a young mother that lost two little daughters to a genetic heart disease. I think it will help bring peace to her soul.

  4. Hi Pamela & Randy,

    I just saw the video and it is very beautiful; especially your including Sarah…I have often thought of my 2 daughters and 1 son (now 3 daughters, as my wife Morella brought a beautiful girl with her) when listening to your music. Making a visual production out of all of it is a great dream for me and you guys are so fortunate to be able to do it.

    I am really looking forward to your future work and very intrigued to hear the different sounds you were describing when you mentioned that your next work would be more upbeat and a departure. I’m sure that whatever the results are will be magical.

    One little question…does Sarah know she is in the beautiful video production and if so, what does she think of it?

  5. Hi Willy!
    And thank you everyone for your kind words. This was sort of a first for me and the software is rocket science for sure. (Michael knows the boring books I’ve been reading!)

    Yes, Sarah is fascinated with everything we do. She knows what audio looks like (the wave forms on the computer) and often draws those to show people speaking in her artwork. She loves seeing movies and photos of herself. She sings the songs “Deep Still Blue” and “Sarah’s Rainbow” by heart. She even remembers that when we wrote those she was very ill. But I’m sure she doesn’t realize how close we were to losing her.

    Every day is a gift.

  6. This is a truly moving and very lovely video. Many thanks for sharing it, very fluid, moving and heartfelt. Really tastefully done. I enjoyed watching it. Sarah is a little gem, isn’t she? I’m sure your song would have helped her no end to recuperate when she was so ill.

    A lovely video. Well done.

  7. You know, I’ve been listening to 2002 now for over 8 years and that’s my first video I’ve see of you guys. I enjoyed it. I especially loved the sunset image on the ocean. It reminded me of Puerto Rico in the Farado region, (where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet). That’s what I love about your music. It sparks my imagination. I can’t tell you how many times I sat and looked into a star-infested night sky listening to “River of Stars” and realized I was actually in my office or chair with my eyes closed. Music is at its best when it can stir not only the heart, but the imagination as well. Few out there can do that. You two are among that exclusive group. I thank you for that.

    Now, let’s see some more video’s!!!

    Always in Peace…

    Sean Robert

  8. Thanks Mooshykris!
    We appreciate your nice comments on YouTube and here.

    Thank you everyone!

    Now how about some profile photos you guys!! I seem to be the only one who has one?

  9. Hi Truus,

    You have to set up an account (doesn’t take long) with WordPress.

    To set up an account and profile, go to:, create an account and log-in, then go the “your dashboard” link (upper right side of the screen), and once in the “global dashboard” at the top you’ll see a “profile” link. There you can upload pictures, fill out a profile, etc.

    Frankly, I was surprised that my picture was posted, but I figured out who did it (long story made short). Good luck.

  10. I registered and logged in, but then I couldn’t find this forum once I’d done so! Searches for 2002music didn’t help either 😦

    Not having a PC, I haven’t ever uploaded a pic of myself and I’m not sure how to do it at internet cafes either. I rarely take photos of myself anyway, evidenced in the fact that my relatives in NZ are asking for recent photos of me…;) I seem to turn up only in Christmas family photos, rather like a “Ghost of Christmas present” type image…

    Well, we’ve heard the story of the flute and the guitar, so when do we get to hear that of the piano and the harp? 🙂

  11. Pamela, This is Todd…Wow great job on the video deep blue..Did you do that yourself..What sofware did you use…

  12. Hi! I’ve been reading your website for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

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