Instruments – Wind Controller

We’ve been asked about the instruments we use in our music. Here is one of the more unusual ones. It’s made by Yamaha. It allows me (a flutist) to “play” instruments from around the world and apply the subtle nuances of a flutist’s embouchure to them.

13 thoughts on “Instruments – Wind Controller”

  1. Thank you Pam….. I love your instrument, Wind Controller, and now will recognize it easier on the music. By the way, I really enjoyed the piece from Randy about the guitar…. that was an enlightening story. I enjoy everything you add, it makes the music more enjoyable, if possible. (By the way, my chorus won 1st place in competition last weekend.)

  2. By the way, the little girl in Deep still Blue video can’t be Sarah, can she? She looks to be too old… but have to ask.

  3. This is a nice instrument Pamela, is it difficult to learn to play on it? When I was a young girl (years ago πŸ™‚ ) I played on a wooden flute. I like it very much to play on it. So I was wondering or it is difficult to learn. It is a nice video to watch.

  4. It must be a challenge to use this instrument and to discover what you can do with it. Thank you for the link, I’m a lot wiser now.

  5. now THAT is something. Has to just have the wow word. The beauty of it is, dip switches and all, you still have to be artist to make music. Thank you very much for sharing this with us. amazing…plum’ amazing.


  6. Pamela, just been able to play this clip at a friend’s place. I’m a little, no, a lot gobsmacked! Wow, just amazing. It truly gives a lot of insight into your music. Of course, I can always ask a lot more questions, any time I listen to your music I can always think of many more. But hearing just a snippet of what the WX5 can do is incredible, and certainly adds a lot of atmosphere to your music. Lots of admiration & appreciation for your being able to play it.


  7. I love this word:

    a lot gobsmacked!

    lmbo…I am assuming it is like being ‘blown away’ or something of that nature. Absolutely the neatest word I have found in a very long time…


  8. Michael… gobsmacked… this must be just an Australian word? I thought it was universal, but obviously not πŸ™‚ “Gob” in this sense is slang for mouth, and smack I know is definitely not unique to Australia, so the literal equivalent here would be to say you’ve been smacked in the mouth…ie speechless πŸ™‚ Which is exactly what I was trying to convey above…:)

  9. I love that WX5 more then most of the instruments use. It’s interesting, and creates an amazing sound as well.

    On a side note, you really need to consider making your instruments into samples one day.


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