Another late night…

I think we must be crazy. No, I KNOW we are crazy. We tossed around the idea of adding performance clips of our band into an existing video for one of the songs coming out on the new DVD next month. Now, realize that we had already sworn off EVER operating under a deadline again. It’s just too nightmarish. But we mentioned the idea for the video to our label and out of the blue we had 3 days to get the thing completed by the Amazon deadline. EEK!!!! Well if any of you have a little kid at home, you know thet nothing happens uninterrupted unless it goes on LATE at night. So there we were at 11:30 at night, getting dressed up and set up to film. (I tried really hard to not look tired.) We completed the last clip at about 2:30 in the morning. And as any of you with little kids know, there ain’t no sleeping-in late either, so this is the sort of thing that you pay for… well, for at least a couple of days, anyway.

It took the next two days to edit and then came the really boggling maze of converting the video so that it looks good on the web. Well, it’s not perfect. But here it is!


(You can watch it in HD if you go to YouTube.)

Song: “Free to Fly” DVD/CD: “A Word in the Wind” by 2002

2 thoughts on “Another late night…”

  1. Wow – really great! I enjoyed every moment of the video and the music. Congrats Randy and Pamela – very nice indeed! – JerryR

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