Christmas in August

We are getting into the Christmas spirit around here. Could it be the 100 degree days are making us long for cooler times to come? I am actually looking forward to the longer nights since it’s easier for me to sleep when it is DARK!!!! Yep, really dark and totally quiet – ahhhhh.

We are having a Christmas sale for August. You can now buy our CD Christmas Dreams for only $10 plus shipping. These make great last-minute gifts (I can personally attest to that!). A friend picked up 100 of them to give to her clients.

We are working on some new original Christmas songs with lyrics. It’s been a wonderful journey so far, and hopefully we’ll have something to share with you soon.

Here’s a link for the Christmas in August sale:
Christmas Dreams CD

2 thoughts on “Christmas in August”

  1. Pam and Randy – I am again out of your music as I have given it all away to those who need peace and help refocusing. I still work with adults with Developmental Disabilities and find that your influence is needed more and more often both with our clients and with the staff. I am again purchasing your wonderfully relaxing and calming music – this time for my children who have listened to it often and now are out on their own trying to make their way in difficult times. My daugher – who is a college grad – as are her siblings – was out of work – as are the others – has taken a job as a nanny and is working with a baby who cries most of the day – Your music came to mind as it had helped my family, friends and myself in many trying times and as I reached for it – the cupboard was bare – as again I have given all away to those who needed it more. I do have some at work but I refuse to make copies as I know that would be stealing from you – so I have ordered 5 from Amazon and will again be sharing your goodness with others – as I know that it will help. Thank you for all that you and your music does in this time of uncertaity – you do make a difference!!! Love to you both – Margaret Ridgway
    PS – Got your Christmas car this year but it was an empty envelope but I know that you were sending good wishes!! Thank you!!
    I am not good at these websites – Please email me at my address if you wish –

    1. Empty Christmas card? That’s terrible. I guess that’s what happens when a 4-year-old “helps” with the Christmas card mailing. I’ll send 2 this year to make up for it!!!

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