Wings II – Return to Freedom

It’s official. And it will be at the manufacturing plant Friday. (Gee, I feel like I am sending out a birth announcement!) This one is very symbolic for us. Those of you that have befriended us over all these years will certainly understand.

This is one of the smoothest and most soothing albums ever composed by 2002. We even “beta-tested” it with our massage therapist. And it’s over an hour long.

It’s been a tumultuous year for us, and we really needed a quiet place to escape to. I hope this will do that for you. It sure does for me. I am re-learning how to walk for Heaven’s sake. I needed this music. It’s helping me. We hope it helps you too. This one’s for you.


11 thoughts on “Wings II – Return to Freedom”

  1. I have listened to the entire new album and love its meditative beauty!
    As usual, there’s one track in particular which haunts me and demands more replays — “Memory of the Sky.” Just gorgeous. “Athena” and “Firebird” and “Lady of the Lake” are just a few of the other favorites.
    I wish you the best with this new release, and hope it will mark a ‘new beginning’ at the end of a trying time.

    1. You’re welcome, Pamela. I’ll be sure to tell my physical therapist about your album. She deals predominantly with autistic kids who have a wide range of issues (takes them surfing, which is cool) but also has some clients who might benefit from calming music! ~T

  2. I can not wait for this CD!!!!! I would download the one here but I like having the Cd so I have to wait. But I love your music!!! There is not one bad song on any album you have released!!! I love all that you do!! Sorry to hear about your knee, hope it heals fast!! I can’t say it enough your music is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!

  3. This has been an icredible gift of music to me and came and a crucial time…I was disconnecting from the important things and have reconnected to my spirit. Athena is probably the most hauntingly beautiful song on the CD, but all of it is soothing and otherworldy.

  4. Greetings from Norway!
    So far, I have got 9 cds by 2002, and of course the StarGaze-dvd. The music is absolutely fantastic, but what do I have do to, to get Pamela and Randys autograph?

    1. Hi Kjell-O
      Greetings from Texas!
      Just send us your address. We can mail you an autograph. Also, I am trying to get some extra CD covers from the printer so we can send out some autographs on those. There are people who want their CD autographed and rather than send the CD back to us we are hoping to just mail them a signed CD cover to replace the unsigned covers.
      Thank you for your nice words about our music!
      Welcome to the blog!

  5. I have just acquired this album as an MP3 download from Amazon. Extraordinary. Simply extraordinary. The title has special meaning to me, particularly in these days and times. Both of you posess a special and unique ability – to see and hear the beautiful, the majestic and the transcendant – and to convey it to us in the form of your music. I’ve often thought that music and mathematics are the language of God. And that the greatest among us, like Mozart, for example, simply wrote and played what they heard.

    Thank you for allowing us to hear a small measure of what you hear.

    Regards –

    1. Thank you, Ward. We are humbled by your eloquent words and your profound observations about the spirituality of music. It’s an honor to have you as a member here!
      Very best wishes,

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