4 thoughts on “Deep Still Blue by 2002”

  1. Not within the subject… but.

    Just saying hi to 2002! 24hours ago, I never heard of them.

    I had fallen asleep watching a cable show on the couch. Someone switched the cable to New-age so as to not bother me.

    I was dreaming and suddenly I was hearing this amazing song, it was so LOUD and vivid in my dream state, I even knew that I was listening to the CD. I was imagining I was in a house with some amazing speakers. When the song ended, I forced myself to WAKE-UP!

    Yes, I *KNEW* I was alseep and the music was hitting me just right! After I woke up, the TV wasn’t even close to loud. I re-wound the DVR to see who was playing and I raised the volume by 3 times to simulate what it felt like in the dream.

    This was on Time Warner Cable in Plano Channel 883.
    The Song: Memory of Sky.

    I couldn’t find the CD at a Borders in Plano TX off their digital selection. So I’ll be ordering this CD online. I rarely buy CDs, but I have some to buy now.

    Thanks 2002 / Pamela and Randy.

    That was an amazing experience. I have more to listen on your site.

    1. Thank you so much!! I love the story. Amazon and iTunes both have the digital version. Amazon also has physical CDs. The CD is called “Wings II – Return to Freedom”.

  2. I just ordered the CD directly off your site. Can’t wait to get it so I don’t have to listen to the 1min sample off your site 🙂

    I still prefer to buy physical, most of the time.

    Yeah, I really love it when a song kind of “bounces” in my mind, not many do. I’ve been living in an apartment for 9 years… the dream with your music reminded me I have a stereo Amp system that I haven’t been able to use (I like to respect my neighbors), so it’ll be mostly headphones. Moving in to a house in a few months, so I KNOW what I’ll be playing first. 🙂

    After I listen to the whole CD, may I ask you what my next few purchases should be – based on my favorites. I only buy CDs a little at a time.

    PS: The CD cover above looks very nice. Very rich blue.

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