Damayanti ships!

Does it ever end? During the production of this album, so many bizarre things happened. The heart of the studio (Sony DMX R100) blew up, losing us months and lots of $$$$. My father passed away… nuf said. Then we were finally back on track and some guy severed the fiber optic trunk to our area on THE DAY we were to download the mastered files. And then there’s yesterday – yep, the day I was to at long last after over a year of hard work, pick up the CDs from the plant, and… you guessed it. Something weird happened. Something that had NEVER happened in the 18 years we have done business with this duplicator. The delivery truck DISAPPEARED for 24 hours and no one knew why. It showed up today and we shipped out over 400 CDs to people that we hope are not annoyed. But Randy still had a happy birthday today. So did Damayanti.

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