2002 Performance Oct 2 – Richardson TX

2002 is performing in Richardson, Texas October 2, 2011. The show starts early – 9:45 am. This is a lovely time slot. Imagine a lazy Sunday morning, early fall, hot coffee in hand, surrounded by lovely original artwork and neo-classical music, Ahhh… http://www.cottonwoodartfestival.com/aboutfestival.htm

Set list:

1. Bliss
2. Summer of 300 years
3. Dance With A Princess
4. Sunny Day
5. Starwalkers
6. Rays of Light
7. Land of Forever
8. Spirit Moves
9. Stella Maris
10. Cycle of Time
11. Flight of the Swan
12. Deep Still Blue
13. Mirage
14. Free To Fly

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