Celtic Fairy Lullaby ~ New Music by 2002

Celtic Fairy Lullaby
Celtic Fairy Lullaby by 2002

Celtic Fairy Lullaby is a collection of timeless songs from ancient lands. Harps, flutes, piano, and subtle orchestration accompany delightful lyrics in Irish Gaelic, Welsh and English performed by 11-year-old Sarah Copus, the newest member of her family’s musical ensemble, 2002. These 12 mesmerizing songs are soothing and nurturing, perfect for relaxation, sleep and meditation.

The band 2002 has placed 11 albums on the Billboard Charts in their 24-year career. They represent the pinnacle of progressive and Celtic new age sound and in May, 2015, Sarah accepted the award for “Best Vocal Album” at a live presentation at the Zone Music Awards Show in New Orleans for her family’s album “Trail Of Dreams” (2014).

In recent years, Pamela and Randy Copus of the band 2002 have featured their daughter Sarah as their lead vocalist. Despite her young age, Sarah is a highly gifted singer. Tim Kennedy, Director of the North Texas School of Irish Music where Sarah has trained for the past 4 years says: “she is simply one of the most talented singers I have ever heard, regardless of age. The purity and beauty in her angelic singing has a way of just captivating you, and leaving you holding your breath waiting to hear what comes next.”

Sarah Copus has been a harp student at the North Texas School of Irish Music since its inception, and is one of the founding members of their Gaelic Youth Chorus. Sarah has been featured as a soloist in concerts through the Gaelic Youth Chorus with major touring artists like Celtic Woman who she has performed with 3 times, and the Irish Tenors. She has also performed with Irish musical sensations, Téada as an opening act for their Irish Christmas in America tour. Sarah’s singing teacher is Karen Ballew of the Irish choral supergroup, Anúna.

Sarah is an active member in the Texas Celtic music scene, having given 94 performances in 2015 alone with various bands, including the North Texas School of Irish Music’s Gaelic Youth Chorus, their Festival Band, and Sarah’s own Celtic youth band Innisfall.

Sarah is not only an accomplished harpist, but she also plays violin, flute, Irish whistle, ukulele and piano.

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