Damayanti ships!

Does it ever end? During the production of this album, so many bizarre things happened. The heart of the studio (Sony DMX R100) blew up, losing us months and lots of $$$$. My father passed away… nuf said. Then we were finally back on track and some guy severed the fiber optic trunk to our area on THE DAY we were to download the mastered files. And then there’s yesterday – yep, the day I was to at long last after over a year of hard work, pick up the CDs from the plant, and… you guessed it. Something weird happened. Something that had NEVER happened in the 18 years we have done business with this duplicator. The delivery truck DISAPPEARED for 24 hours and no one knew why. It showed up today and we shipped out over 400 CDs to people that we hope are not annoyed. But Randy still had a happy birthday today. So did Damayanti.

Damayanti – new music by 2002

After an arduous year, the new album is finally finished. Of course, it did not go to the finish line easily. Right as the mastering engineer had the files ready, SOMEONE severed the fiber optic trunk for this area. No internet. No FTP. No master. Unwilling to accept this fate (after all we have been through this year), I shoved my laptop into its case and hunted for an open network. After several failed attempts, I found a WiFi at a local Starbucks. After 2 agonizingly slow hours at about 30 kbps, the masters were safe on my laptop. Off to the plant in the morning and Heaven help us the CDs will be ready mid-April.

I have often been asked which album is my favorite. I have always responded that choosing one would be like favoring one child over another – impossible. But truly I have to say I am extremely happy with this new album. It’s special. I’ll never tire of listening to it and remembering how much fun we had making it happen (against so many odds). Plus for the first time our little girl was part of it. She is only 7 and has such an angelic voice. You’ll be hearing more from her in the future for sure!

INATS – Denver, June 2010

We spent a few days in Denver in June at INATS (International New Age Trade Show) and COVR Awards banquet. We really enjoyed hanging out with the folks from Music Design and other musicians. Here is a photo album: PHOTOS

Wings II – Return to Freedom placed second for an award,
COVR Award

Beth Shirtz, Garrett Davenport, Pamela Copus, Randy Copus, Liz Doan and David Arkenstone.

See You At The Wellness Expo February 27-28

Map to Wellness Expo
A friend of ours has arranged a 2002 “CD Signing Event” at the Wellness Expo February 27-28 from 11:00 am-6:00 pm. http://eventzi.com/wellnessexpo2010fortworth

It will be at the Will Rogers Memorial Center at 1579 Gendy St. in Fort Worth, Texas. This show is in its 15th year and will feature things like: chiropractors, massage therapy, natural foods and herbs, crystals and jewelry, reflexology, acupuncture and yoga. There are also some interesting lectures lined up, such as “Healing With Sound”.

Our friend felt that our music would be an appropriate addition to an event centered around the healing arts. Here is the program guide for the show: http://www.2002music.com/WellnessExpoProgram0210.pdf

So come out and chat with us. Bring a camera and we’ll get some photos together. If you have any CD’s you want signed, bring them along. We’ll have CD’s available there as well in case you need to finish out your collection.

Here is a coupon worth $2 off of the show admission (normally $7). http://www.2002music.com/WellnessExpo-lg-flyer.pdf

We hope to see you there!


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