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I shot this through a back door window, so please pardon the slight glare. This rabbit is having her second litter this year in this hole about 3 feet from our back door. Another rabbit (daddy?) comes by several times to check on her and hop around her in circles (nervous dad?) In the end, she covers the hole to hide the babies and the 2 adult rabbits hop off together. I’ll post a video soon of her nursing one of the babies.

This is one of the little bunnies at 14 days old. He was one of 3. One was killed by a cat 2 days prior to this video. A second sibling was found dead the next day – don’t know why. But the temperature had dipped into the thirties that night so maybe he was too cold. This third little guy survived. His mama comes every day once or twice to nurse him for about 5 – 7 minutes (that’s normal for rabbits).

New camera! Now you’ll see what she really looks like.
Go here: http://www.vimeo.com/1032234