About 2002

Pamela and Randy Copus, (2002) create all of their music at their own recording studio. Randy Copus plays piano, electric cello, guitar, bass and keyboards. Pamela Copus plays flutes, harp, keyboards and a wind instrument called a WX5. Both musicians also provide all of the vocals on their albums, recording their voices many, many times and layering them to create a “virtual choir”

2002 in the studio 2002


10 thoughts on “About 2002”

  1. I wanted to say that I’ve been in A.A. for a number of years but unfortunately had a serious relapse recently and almost lost my life. I am slowly getting back on track with the help of my friends, my spiritual reliance on God and your music. I have four of your C.D.s…and then just after I came back to the program I found Timeless. Many times when I walk in the door from a meeting, your music is playing (on Spa). Thankyou from a grateful listener. Your music is both inspiring and healing.

  2. My words are sadly inadequate, because your music transcends any attempts at mere description. Here are a few: haunting, etherial, soulful, soothing, and of course, sublimely utterly beautiful. Tonight I heard Remember Now for the first time, and for the first time I thought I heard the voices of angels. You make the world a brighter place.

    1. Thank you Doug. That song is one of my favorites. It was inspired by a Star Trek episode. It’s the one where Data creates a daughter for himself. She becomes sentient. It has a sad ending so I won’t post it here in case you haven’t seen it yet.

  3. Your music is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so very much. I recently bought “The Sacred Well” and plan to buy them all! “Lady of the Moon” is my favorite track. Thank you for your music. Many blessings.

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