New album in the works

I’m so sorry I’ve been scarce. This always happens during what we call “crunch time” on a new album project. We are less than 4 weeks from our deadline for submitting the master to our label and that basically means that there’s not a lot of sleeping going on around here – about 4 – 6 hours on a good night.


Sometimes I have to stop and think if I ate a meal? Brushed my teeth? Fed the fish? Hmm, can’t remember… Luckily we have good friends who never take it personally when we disappear like this. They are used to it!

I’d like to invite everyone to browse our forum. We’ve had a lot of fun over there.

And I promise to catch up on the blog as well once we finish the new album. Get ready for some surprises!

2 thoughts on “New album in the works”

  1. What a wonderful sound you all produce! I stumbled upon your music in 2002 when I was in a Borders music. I have been hooked since.
    Have you ever thought about touring?? I would love to see you all perform in person….

    Keep up the great work!

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