Damayanti – new music by 2002

After an arduous year, the new album is finally finished. Of course, it did not go to the finish line easily. Right as the mastering engineer had the files ready, SOMEONE severed the fiber optic trunk for this area. No internet. No FTP. No master. Unwilling to accept this fate (after all we have been through this year), I shoved my laptop into its case and hunted for an open network. After several failed attempts, I found a WiFi at a local Starbucks. After 2 agonizingly slow hours at about 30 kbps, the masters were safe on my laptop. Off to the plant in the morning and Heaven help us the CDs will be ready mid-April.

I have often been asked which album is my favorite. I have always responded that choosing one would be like favoring one child over another – impossible. But truly I have to say I am extremely happy with this new album. It’s special. I’ll never tire of listening to it and remembering how much fun we had making it happen (against so many odds). Plus for the first time our little girl was part of it. She is only 7 and has such an angelic voice. You’ll be hearing more from her in the future for sure!

3 thoughts on “Damayanti – new music by 2002”

  1. Hello,
    I wonder if this will be available outside the US? Is it going to be eBay again, though I found no listings for this album yet. In Australia And I’m no iPod/mp3 soul so iTunes is not so for me (all those so common ear grating tinny over-compression sounds etc, I have more than enough of) and prefer physical releases. Cant order either on amazon either as I don’t have any Credit Card. I wonder now on how to get this release therefore? In Australia it seems that any New Age (other than Enya who sounds more and more pop for new age to me…Gotten very *commercialised* I mean) music seems not well appreciated at all, and finding distributors just agonizing…Find that a real shame. Hope one can help me, as I don’t know where to turn…
    Kind Regards

      1. Kind thanks Pamella…I just put in a Paypal order through, though I marked it with a comment to be preferably sent after Easter, as I don’t like it to be possibly lost. I’m a humble music obsessed soul studying music, and using your music for depression & anxiety episodes I experience, and got all your CD’s after gotten very disappointed with seemingly commercialized ‘pop gone’ Enya some years back. If I can ask…Is it possible to get the cover signed? I seen some posts by other 2002 fans on this blog site, and I’m curious…Hm?!?

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