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New Music!

September 7, 2018 – 2002 returns with their 18th full-length album, A World Away. The six vocal and four instrumental songs are new and all original, and cover much of 2002’s vast sonic palette- from progressive and pop new age, to their neoclassical and ambient roots.

Thematically, the album is a cosmic love story, of kindred spirits traveling together through many times and many worlds, becoming lost and separated from one another, and finally reunited.

Available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes! Also available at the official website for the band at


Journey to Four Corners – 10 years ago

It was the first week of December. I was dreading this trip. I’d never been away from my daughter, now almost 4. It broke my heart to say goodbye to her in the car. She managed to tear away part of the restraining harness of her carseat in a desperate attempt to go with me. “No”, she said, “I’m going with you” with all the determination she could manage. I could hear her screams as I closed the door, fighting back my own tears. Was I doing the right thing leaving? The trip ahead was filled with danger. I had such a sense of foreboding I considered many times letting the plane from Dallas to Denver take off without me. But the project was important to us and I was the only one who could capture the needed photos and film of the ancient petroglyphs and pictographs (collectively called “rock art”) that were needed to create the “visual” part of our next DVD. In particular, Randy was interested in the many beautiful spirals these early inhabitants were famous for.  Continue reading Journey to Four Corners – 10 years ago

Celebrating 25 Years of Music by 2002

In November 1992, exactly 25 years ago, we released our first album as 2002. It was called “Wings”. (Wings was re-released by Real Music in 1999 with new artwork.) What a journey this has been. Thank you for traveling with us! The road ahead is very bright!! We have an exciting new album we’re composing in the studio now. Be sure and follow us on Facebook for the latest updates!  2002albumcollage25yrs_withTop – The Official Website for the band 2002

Celtic Fairy Lullaby ~ New Music by 2002

Celtic Fairy Lullaby
Celtic Fairy Lullaby by 2002

Celtic Fairy Lullaby is a collection of timeless songs from ancient lands. Harps, flutes, piano, and subtle orchestration accompany delightful lyrics in Irish Gaelic, Welsh and English performed by 11-year-old Sarah Copus, the newest member of her family’s musical ensemble, 2002. These 12 mesmerizing songs are soothing and nurturing, perfect for relaxation, sleep and meditation. Continue reading Celtic Fairy Lullaby ~ New Music by 2002

Trail of Dreams ~ new music from 2002

Trail of DreamsAvailable October 7, 2014

Fate sends us on journeys. Some are planned. Many are not. A journey may begin within the mind, as it did for Mukunda Lal Ghosh before he journeyed to the west. Or it may begin with a dream or inspiration, as it did for St Brendan the navigator. Perhaps your destiny takes you unwillingly, as it did when Honora O’Flynn was swept from a shore in Ireland and brought to America. There are those that seek adventure and those that have adventure thrust upon them.

This collection of songs explores that insatiable desire to find new worlds, to challenge fate and to soothe curiosity. A common thread runs throughout our myths and legends, regardless of where we are from. The hero’s journey echoes endlessly throughout the tapestry of all human experience.

Why is it called “New Age” music?

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Why is the type of music we compose called “new age” music? Many have tried to change the “new age” moniker – Target calls it “Lifescapes.” Muzak calls it “Moodscapes.” Music Choice calls it “Soundscapes.” I think Borders Books & Music tried calling it “Lifestyles.” I have also heard “neo-classical” and “contemporary instrumental” among others.

Why do I bring this up? A woman recently commented to me how sad it was that we were not Christians. This surprised me greatly. I asked her why she would say that. She said well obviously since you compose “new age” music you are not Christians. Wow!! On the contrary – we are. I was curious if this lady’s viewpoint was a common one, and if so, how this happened? Why is this type of music being thought of as Unchristian?  Continue reading Why is it called “New Age” music?